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An Elephant's Biography: The LOST ELEPHANT FILM

The Royal Museum for Central Africa at Tervuren in Belgium has a giant mounted bull elephant. Prepared by Rowland Ward Ltd. of Piccadilly, London, the giant beast never fails to mesmerize the onlooker and remains one of its most iconic exhibits.
Completed in 1957, the elephant was one of the last full mount elephants prepared by Ward's studio. It was set up in the Belgian Congo Fauna Pavilion at the international exhibition held in Brussels in 1958.
The process of mounting the Tervuren elephant took 12 men and six months to complete. The process was filmed at Rowland Ward's workshop. However, the film is lost, or at least presumed lost, and its existence is only known through publicity stills and written descriptions.
Could it be that this unique bit of Rowland Ward history has vanished without a trace?
Do you know anything about the film?

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